International Dealer and Service Provider Centre

The Meeting Point for the trade at AGRITECHNICA 2019!

The “International Dealer and Service Provider Centre” covers the various service providers for the trade. It is the meeting point for German and international dealers - located in Hall 2, right in the middle of the action! 

Conceptual sponsors are the German dealer association LandBauTechnik-Bundesverband and the association of European machinery dealers (CLIMMAR).

Offers of the Dealer Centre

  • Lounge for dealers, their business partners, customers and staff 
  • With bistro catering: coffee, cold beverages, small snacks, sandwiches
  • Service programmes of providers specialising in services for dealers and craftspeople in the fields of financing, haulage and forwarding, customs, valuation of used machinery, insurance, auctions etc. 
  • Advisory services on specific topics by staff of the associations at national, federal and provincial level 
  • Business matchmaking with international dealer colleagues (Match & Meet) 
  • Quiet area for private discussions (cabin)

The new international dealer magazine has been published!
Now available as e-paper.