„Protecting Yield and Nature“

DLG-Special at AGRITECHNICA 2019

As a farmer, but also as an advisor/consultant or private contractor you are currently facing major challenges in crop production. Alongside legal framework conditions regarding crop protection or nutrient management, society is also making new demands regarding the way you work. Your cultivation systems have to be adapted to these new conditions if you are to continue achieving an economic return.

In order to support you in organising sufficient, sustainable and more efficient production of foods, feeds and agricultural raw materials, manufacturers, developers and the scientific sector are already working on new technologies, concepts and ideas.

At the AGRITECHNICA Special “Protecting Yield and Nature”, you can find technical solutions in response to this challenge that not only protect soils, water and the atmosphere, but also allow you to manage economically via adapted yields. You can discuss the changes in dealing with machinery and equipment as well as farm inputs in order to adapt cropping systems.

The Special offers you a unique opportunity to compare and discuss systems and offers all under a single roof. Share ideas and experience regarding strategies and alternatives with colleagues and suppliers while examining the hardware and make use of the opportunity to put your questions directly to the professionals and specialists on the spot.

Embrace this opportunity and enter into direct contact with the crop production experts!

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EXA Computing

Conserving resources is smart – same as your data
exatrek connects all machines from a farm independent from its manufacturer on a single platform. With the help of the T2 telemetry module, work processes are recorded automatically and analysed by intelligent algorithms. Not only indicators such as fuel consumption and operating hours of the machines are recorded, but also farm-specific indicators are calculated – these include, for example, machine performance, process costs per field or CO2 equivalents. With help of this safely documented and prepared data, farmers can work more resource-efficient as well as better assess the sustainability of their farming.


Precise & sustainable with FARMDOK- Monitoring & Precision!

Many years of experience & knowledge about plants & crop management are required for good yields, healthy soil and a sustainable cultivation. FARMDOK Monitoring & Precision makes it possible to use satellite data to draw conclusions about biomass growth, nitrogen consumption, water requirements, yield potential and much more. In combination with precipitation & temperature, but above all your own records on field work & yields FARMDOK professionally creates application maps and is the optimal support for daily decisions on the farm.


Interactive platform operated by the various State chambers of agriculture and agricultural research Centres in Germany

ISIP provides independent recommendations on cropping and pest control. The service provides weather and field data based forecast models on pest risks and complements the models with extensive surveys that are carried out on representative control fields as well as recommendations from local consultants on suitable strategies


Innovation Consultancy and transfer of knowledge

Only 10 to 15 percent of farms in Germany use the possibilities and options of Precision Farming (PF).
The main reason for this is that there are too few and too few user –oriented capacities and competences for translating the multiple PF opportunities into the farm.
On the other hand, many farms are not able, or willing to bring the commercial- and technical innovations to the farm and fields. That is why we consistently work with our partners to improve transformation strategies and instruments. All instruments such as VR technologies, autonomous working units, or the establishment of an international qualification and exchange platform for companies and manufacturers have in common, that they are consistently designed by the user, the farmer!

Next Instruments

CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyser The CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyser measures Protein, Moisture and Oil in real time as grains are stripped in the field. The CropScan 3300H provides farmers with the ability to optimize yield and protein payments and also measures Nitrogen Availability and Uptake across the fields. This new layer of agronomic information allows farmers and their agronomists to more reliably develop Variable Rate Nitrogen Fertilization applications for their crops, thereby reducing fertilizer usage and optimizing Yield.


Precision Soil Analysis for Precision Agriculture

SoilReader is a patented new technology that uses NIR spectroscopy to measure nine soil constituents (N, P, K, pH, OM, EC, Moisture, Clay and Sand) in real-time and at variable depths right in the field without any requirement for physical soil samples. It is a simple plug-and-play device that can be attached to any type of equipment for use controlling variable rate equipment of all types in real-time, or for creating highly detailed field maps for planning purposes.


SyreN – The System for acidification of slurry

SyreN system uses the technique of acidification (sulphuric acid) to change ammonia (gas) to ammonium (salt) during application of slurry. This reduces the emission of ammonia with up to 70% which eliminates airborne eutrophication. It increases the volume of plant available nitrogen up to 50 kg pr. ha and makes up to 40 % more phosphorus plant available. At the same time the method applies the correct amount of sulphur as sulphate fertilizer.

SKW Piesteritz 

SKW Piesteritz - we increase efficiency - the future of fertilisation

SKW Piesteritz is one of the most innovative mineral fertilizer producers in Europe. The stabilized urea fertilizers ALZON® neo-N and PIAGRAN® pro present the future of fertilization. Nitrogen losses are significantly reduced by urease and nitrification inhibitor. The need-based nitrogen supply ensures high yields and nitrogen removals. The liquid manure refiner PIADIN® makes the use of organic fertilizers even more efficient. A balanced nitrogen-sulfur ratio is possible with PIAMON® 33-S, ALZON® liquid-S 25/6 and PIASAN®-S 25/6.

NanoNord A/S

With TVESKAEG we introduce advanced MR technology - as known from hospitals - into farming as a easy to operate, fast and accurate sensor to measure important production parameters to improve yield and protect the environment.

This includes N, P, and K relating to manure and fertilization, content of fat and protein in milk, and compositional analysis of stock feed, soil etc. The instrument is offered in Benchtop and Pump versions for laboratory use and in a Flow version for in-line measurements.


Working without chemicals due to Tined Weeder Pro, Tined Weeder and Rotary Hoe

The mechanical weed control and the reduction of chemical use become more and more important. Corresponding to the motto “Innovations for the Future”, the mechanical weed control is written in big letters at APV. The Tined Weeder Pro, Tined Weeder and Rotary Hoe enable working without chemicals and effectively on the fields, this saves money for chemicals, improves the soil life and mobilises nutrients in the soil. The user-friendly application makes the use of APV machines just great and easy.


Einböck – your specialist for tined weeders and row-crop-cultivators

Einböck is the world's leading specialist for tined weeders and row-crop-cultivators. The CHOPSTAR hoe provides in combination with a finger hoe not only weed control on the full surface (also in the row), but it also breaks crusts and aerates the soil. The AEROSTAR-EXACT harrow with its precise depth guidance of the directly spring-loaded tines ensures an optimal weeding effect with a line spacing of 25 mm.

FH Aachen Zacho Group

ETAROB – mobile platform for field robots

The field robot ETAROB is an autonomous mobile platform, which was specially developed for use in agriculture. It is characterized by its high robustness and intelligent control.This intelligence enables a variety of selective processes such as weed control with electricity or targeted fertilization, which can greatly reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture.Based on approaches of machine learning, prediction models are generated which support the farmer in efficient planning and resource conservation.The hybrid electric drive enables the ETAROB to operate for long periods with very low fuel consumption in a variety of agricultural applications.


Camera steered hoeing for the relief of man and nature

By mechanical weed control with a camera steered hoe from K.U.L.T. chemical pesticides can be reduced or avoided. Additionally this supports soil life, soil aeration and nutrient mobilization. The camera steered hoe works very precisely and close to the plant. The use of cameras can save a manpower and the strenuous hand-controlled hacking process can be avoided. In conjunction with a higher operating speed, the area capacity increases. This means that the hoe can relieve the farmer financially and in terms of workload and can ensure a better work-life balance. The camera steered hoe of K.U.L.T. is an innovation for crops with a small row spacing up to 15 cm.


Eco Sniper, Argentina system for the selective application of herbicides

Eco Sniper is a system of selective application which operates in fallow land or stubble – period without present crop- which allows the application of herbicides specifically on weeds, avoiding the application to the whole lot and saving up to 80% in the use of herbicides. Eco Sniper device is coupled to the sprayer, placed at the front of the bar, bearing in mind the direction the implement moves. When the device observes a green object, it sends the order to the electrovalve to open and the herbicide is applied on that object specifically.

Naïo Technologies

Electrical robots for mechanical weeding and plant protection

The year 2011 saw the creation of Naïo Technologies, in close partnership with farmers. Its mission? To help alleviate the stress of repetitive and menial work for more independent farms that could produce better quality food for everyone while respecting the environment. Naïo Technologies has since strived to continuously innovate, with new machines and tools that are ever more efficient and precise. Today, we are able to propose three robots, fully electrical and whithout any use of chemicals.


Trapviev Pest Predictive Service – a decision support System for the application of crop protection

Trapview Pest Predictive Service is a novel crop protection decision support tool providing timely and accurate forecasts about future development of pest insects. This enables significant optimization of pest monitoring and crop protection. Predictions are based on data collected by automated traps coupled with AI-enhanced processing that allows much greater accuracy of information about pest population than ever before.

Treffler Maschinenbau

Automatic working depth regulation - support for the perfect harrow result

The best feature of the TREFFLER Precision - Tine Harrow is its pre-set tine pressure: it remains constant even in the case of level differences. This is essential for the use of the tine harrow in ridge planting or in further applications that require highly precise execution to achieve a maximum weed control. This is also important in the stage of pre-emergence and in early stages of growth. In order to facilitate precise adjustment and thus further increase the success of the mechanical weed control, which is becoming increasingly important, the Automatic Working Depth Control was developed.



Speeding up the development and uptake of digital innovations

SmartAgriHubs (Horizon2020) aims to realise the digitisation of European agriculture. Our 28 Flagship Innovation Experiments increase yields and protect nature by, among others, developing an ‘online irrigation portal’ and using algorithms for early crop disease detection. These experiments are supported by a network of Regional Clusters. Meet representatives from North- West Europe, UK & Ireland, Central Europe, South-East Europe and France, to learn more about the possibilities in your region.