Great prospects for agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics!

Workshop live 2019

Come to Hanover for AGRITECHNICA, the world's largest agricultural trade fair. Here we have set up a workshop especially for you, in which the "Team Workshop Live" performs a variety of maintenance and service works. You'll get a first impression of the practice, you can look at the agricultural machinery and equipment at close range and get to interact with the young workshop team directly. In order for you not to miss anything during the screenings, the work will be filmed and broadcast live on a big screen. The workshop live team always explains exactly what is happening. In addition to the description of the work you'll also learn a lot about the job profile of agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics, about opportunities and great prospects in this profession and also much about the career path of the team members. Super exciting from the first to the last minute!

The "A-Team" was yesterday - in Hannover you'll meet the "Workshop live-team": Seven days full of motivation, full of excitement, full of action - and all of them are really "strong guys". You should really meet them!

  • 8 shows daily at hourly intervals from 10 am:
  • 25-30 minutes moderated show, afterwards 5-10 minutes time for discussion,
  • Then time for direct conversation with the actors of the fifteen member team
  • Attention teachers! Interesting offers for eighth to tenth graders - a useful addition to your agenda. Speak to our contact person

Read testimonials from former team members:

Ramona Mayer, craftsman:

I am fascinated by ultramodern technology, as it is already used in agricultural and construction machinery, as well as municipal and garden technology - only Formula 1 is faster! You do not have to be the high school flyer, you have to hang yourself, show commitment, stand your man / woman, be flexible and be a team player - then it's going to be something in the career of our industry! And that is open to the top ...

Eva Limbacher, master:

Versatile and demanding "- this is the job of agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics. Modern machines are pure high-tech! Tons of heavy machinery perform extremely filigree work. The laptop is just a tool we work with today. Every now and then we have to use heavier guns. My conclusion: "A life without agricultural technology? Unimaginable for me!

Nikolas Mayr, state champion 2018, master

The technology at the South Pole is waiting for a land & construction mechatronics engineer, the federal eagle has made a land & construction mechatronics - it's hard to say more about the versatility of our enormously broad service profession, right? Worldwide gladly taken, universally applicable with each kind and size of engines and technology of all uses - here one does not become unemployed!

Leo van den Berg, 2nd year of apprenticeship

Neither agricultural machinery, nor construction equipment or motor equipment is still about oil, dirt or manure today . Our modern machines are high tech! Did you know that our satellite-controlled precision machines - even if they often weigh several tons - can work to 1 cm accuracy? The fascination of agricultural engineering: unimaginably filigree